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August 29 (Reporter Hu Xiaoming) The latest data released by India shows that over 87,000 medical staff in India have been infected with the new crowpowerball scn virus, of which 573 medical staff have died.

It is reported that the first three quarters of the global lottery industry sales report released this time was compiled by the World Lottery Association tracking the sales data released by its 35 member institutions. The sales report is organized by Dr. Matthew Spinks. It is understood that in the third quarter, with the addition of Czech gaming agencies, the data source of the report expanded to 35 countries and regions, and all the member lottery agencies of the association can receive a more detailed sales report. _x000D_

It is understood that the woman who won the prize seldom bought lottery tickets before, but this time her brother insisted that she buy the lottery tickets, which won the prize. She expressed "thank you very much" to her brother.

Play the numbers at the beginning of the day and won nearly half of the record-breaking $648 million "Millionaire" jackpot, but the buyer of the second winning lottery ticket sold in California has not yet asked for it. Lottery officials said that Ira Curry bought the ticket at a newsstand in Atlanta on Friday and went to the state lottery on Wednesday.

Japanese national idol Kimura Takuya turned into a puppet to promote the Lunar New Year lottery (photo)

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In this regard, Somanat, the head of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center of the Indian Space Research Organization, said at the International Astronautical Conference on October 21 that the Indian government is still analyzing the restoration of the incident to find the cause of the loss of the lander. Although Somanat refused to make any statement on the Lunar Ship 2 lander at the conference, he admitted that because the lander was too fast during the landing process, it was difficult to "survive".

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