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Big lottery jackpot winners often can’t wait to tell their nearest and dearest. Even though who request anonymity inform their closest upon winning. So spare a thought for the poor children of the Canadian couple who won $9.7m (around £6m). Instead of calling their children right away, they decided to let them find out on the news. The British Columbia lottery winners prank went global. They informed only their eldest child but decided to let the younger members find out through the news. When asked whapowerball nov 9 2016t their message would be during the broadcast, the joking wife replied “you’re still getting jobs” whereas the father responded “clean your rooms.”

Second, the issue of materials and facilities such as barracks. The article pointed out that Indian Army engineers have built imported Arctic tents for 3 to 5 soldiers, and prepared various insulated barracks that can accommodate 6 to 20 soldiers and are purchased locally. Each barracks is equipped with a special heater that uses kerosene as fuel, and soldiers cannot survive without it. At the same time, India is hurriedly importing clothing and climbing equipment suitable for high-altitude areas. Most of them come from Europe and are expensive.

He had no idea to whom the ticket belonged, but the fact that they had second thoughts, either did not have the money or changed their mind and decided to spend the $1 on something else. worked in favour of the 19 year old’s luck. He collected the slip and decided to purchase the ticket. He would have been in line for just $1m had he stuck with the numbers but decided to take a chance on the Powerplay and doubled his money to $2m. He said he was inspired by hearing about the enormous $1.5bn win in January, hoping to win something. He never expected to win so much.

The 3.6 million Canadian dollar award among the Chinese has a huge psychological burden on seeing friends (photos)

In June last year, Amanda Lewis (Amanda Lewis) won the British National Lottery (National Lottery) first prize of 1 million pounds (about 8.8 million yuan) after buying the lottery. Now that one year has passed, Amanda still insists on doing cashiers in the supermarket. It also claims that working hard is to make more money.

He claimed that he could not return the lottery ticket to Walsh powerball nov 9 2016on the grounds of a machine failure and refused to print the small ticket. Then, hand over the lottery ticket to the butcher Agius () to pay off the 30 borrowed from him.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the Indian side summoned Nadir Patel, the Canadian High Commissioner, and lodged a strong protest. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some Canadian parliamentarians were involved in the protests by some Indian farmers. His remarks "constitute interference in our internal affairs, which is unacceptable."

The opposition party in Andhra Pradesh accused the local government of improper handling and claimed that the occurrence of unexplained diseases was due to pollution of water sources. But the government said that local water samples showed no signs of contamination.

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