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The Lotto and Lotto Hotpicks lottery was last drawn on Saturday evening i.e. May 27, 2020. The winning nupowerball net payoutmbers of the Lotto lottery were 04 - 07 - 19 - 23 - 34 - 38. The Bonus number was 46. The jackpot prize was £7,006,533. The Lotto Hotpicks lottery winning numbers were the same as the Lotto winning numbers without the bonus number.

In the 1994 romantic-comedy It Could Happen to You, a New York City cop (portrayed by Nicolas Cage) wins big at the lottery and splits the prize with his waitress friend (portrayed by Bridget Fonda).

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Muscat: MV Abdussalam needs a lot of persuasiveness before realizing that the news that he won OMR2 million in the lottery is indeed true.

The artificially driven Ferris wheel is really speechless! Everyone may know that the Ferris wheel is driven by mechanical power. There is an amusement park in India where the Ferris wheel is not driven by machines, but is completed by manpower. Several guys stand on different positions of the Ferris wheel and use their own. The weight pulls down, so that the Ferris wheel turns in circles. There are many people playing it every day. It is estimated that these people who come to play do not know that the real Ferris wheel runs by mechanical power. They have not seen it, so they think that the Ferris wheel runs by human power. Yes, I'm speechless! Seeing a guy using his own weight to pull down the Ferris wheel, India’s Ferris wheel does not require mechanical power to drive. It is directly driven by humans, and many people are required to play it every day. People who play it don’t know that the Ferris wheel is operated by mechanical power. They have never seen that the Ferris wheel is operated by humans. Too Nima teased, a human-powered Ferris wheel

Arrpowerball net payouton managed to claim his free lucky dip ticket in time for the draw and amazingly won the £1 million raffle prize that evening. Now Arron and his fiance Ceri Hall would like to plan a dream wedding together as well as buying a home and a new car in the near future.

After learning that he had won the prize, Yahnique couldn't believe it for a while, and hurriedly asked her husband Bruce to help him check the prize number. But looking at the huge prize money displayed on the lottery website, her husband thought she was joking with him.

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